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Eedu Anubhavam – Oonilvaazh Uyire

The oonil vaazh thiruvaimozhi describes how Emperuman helped overcome Azhwar’s dejection by mixing freely with Him. This thiruvaimozhi should have ideally followed the ‘Vayum Thirai’ padhigam in a logical sequence. Since it is not the case, we should construe the intermediate ‘Thinnan Veedu’ padhigam as a second or subsidiary incident to this plot wherein Azhwar takes a detour to expatiate on the Lord’s Ishvaratva gunam.

As Emperuman mixed freely with Azhwar, the latter started inquiring into the nature of the enjoyment he was blessed with. Since this enjoyment came spontaneously unto Azhwar due to Emperuman’s causeless grace, it was greater in magnitude compared to anything Azhwar could have ever wished for. In fact, the communion carried a mixture of several amorous flavours that Azhwar felt it impossible to compare it with anything similar or greater that he has experienced before.

தாம்பெற்ற பேற்றின் கனத்தை பார்த்தார். அது தம்மடியாக வந்ததாகிலிறே அளவுபட்டிருப்பது; ஶர்வேஸ்வரனடியாக வந்ததாகையாலே கனத்திருக்குமிறே  

Having thus become the object of the Lord’s causeless grace, Azhwar started looking around for company to share this intense enjoyment. Since the samsaris had their preoccupations in the affairs of the world, Azhwar, unable to find suitable company, turns to the eternals (nityasuris) for the following reasons:

(i) The eternals are qualified Bhagavad Vishaya adhikaris and excel in performing Bhagavad Anubhavam (பகவத் அனுபவத்திற்கு தேஶிகராயிருக்கிற நித்யஸூரிகள்)

(ii) The company of the eternals is in itself a desirable outcome considering how they experience His divine form on a daily basis (அவன்தன்னோடு ஒக்க ப்ராப்யரூபம் கொண்டவர்களாய்; அவனை நித்யாநுபாவம் பண்ணாநிற்பாருமாய்)

Thus, having found no one worthy of companionship in this big world to share His enjoyment and experience the divine auspicious attributes of the Lord, Azhwar turns despondent and yearns for a place alongside the eternals towards the end of this padhigam (அடியார் குழாங்களையே உடன்கூடுவது என்றுகொலோ?).

Nampillai goes further to compare the dejection faced by Azhwar here with that he experienced in the Vayum thirai padhigam. In Vayum Thiraiyugalum, Azhwar sought the company of some animals and non-living entities that are devoid of any intelligence to overcome His separation. In this thiruvaimozhi, Azhwar seeks the company of the Super-Intelligent eternals to share his boundless enjoyment.

வாயுந்திரையுகளில் ஆற்றாமைக்கு அறிவு நடையாடாத திர்யக்குகளையும் அசேதனங்களையும் சேர்த்தார் அங்கு; இங்கு,  ஸம்ஶ்லேஷத்தால் வந்த ப்ரீதிக்கு, அறிவு நைஸர்க்கிகமான நித்யஸூரிகளைத் தேடுகிறார்

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