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Artha Panchaka – Conclusion

To the man in whom has dawned the knowledge of these Five Truths, in whom has arisen the thirst for Final Release (moksa), but who has still to live in this world in the midst of the worldly, the manner of spending that life, till Release is obtained, and so that worldliness may not again besiege or inveigle him, is laid down briefly as follows :

He shall earn food and raiment in accordance with the rules of Varna, Asrama, and Vaisnavism. He shall invariably offer them to God, and give to the Godly according to his means; he shall use his earnings no further than his physical wants demand, and look upon them as gifts from God; he shall show gratitude to his spiritual Teacher, who takes pains to open in him the gates of Knowledge, and shall behave after his heart; he shall acknowledge his humility before God, his ignorance before his Teacher, and his obedience before Sri-Vaisnavas; he shall practise isolation from the worldly; he shall languish for liberation; he shall persist in the path he has chosen; he shall dread all that is inimical to his purpose; he shall not love his body; he shall be earnest in his upward effort; he shall ever be alive to his spiritual nature; he shall feel powerless to protect (or inability to save) himself; he shall bear in mind the solemn sublimity of the object of his attainment; he shall be grateful for good received; and he shall, above all, adore his Mediator and follow him.

So armed with the knowledge (of the Five Truths), and adorned by the conduct ensuant therefrom, the Pilgrim to the Kingdom of God becometh to Him an object dearer to Him than all the Heavenly Hosts (Eternals and Arch angels) ever near to Him; nay, dearer to Him than even Sri Herself.

He that works for Me, strives for Me,
Unasking, gives himself to Me,
That guileless Friend of all that lives
Soon comes to Me, O Pandava.”
Bhagavad-Gita, xi, 55.

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