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Artha Panchakam – Virodhi Svarupa

Virodhi-svarupa, the “Anti “, or Hostile, Principle is subsumable under five categories:

  1. Svarupa-virodhi, Anti-Soul
  2. Paratva-virodhi, Anti-God
  3. Purusartha-virodhi, Anti-Goal
  4. Upaya-virodhi, Anti-Means
  5. Prapti-virodhi, Anti-Gain

Svarupa-virodhi -Anti-Soul, or what is hostile to the soul or soul-nature – is the soul identifying itself or its nature with the body. When this nescience, so to say, has vanished, then comes the profession of allegiance (Sesatva) to deities other than the One God; but when this error too has disappeared, what may again supervene is the false idea of the Soul’s independence, as if it (the Soul-entity) were not dependent for its very be-ness, not to speak of its activities and final doom, on a Kosmic Entity – God (Bhagavan).

Paratva-virodhi – Anti-God, or what is hostile to God – is the mis-notion that lesser Gods possess the character of the Supreme, or the mistaking of non-supreme deities or Gods for the One God; or believing them to be of equal status with God; the investing of minor deities with power that can only belong to the Supreme; the mistaking of God-incarnate (Rama, Krsna, etc.) as human; and thinking that the images of God are inert and powerless.

Purusartha-virodhi – Anti-Goal, or what is hostile to the Ultimate Aim. It is desire for fruits or ends other than that of God Himself (the others being those noted under Purusartha-svarupa); and the idea of deriving self-gratification or of gaining satisfaction for one’s self in the doing of Divine Service.

Upaya-virodhi, Anti-Means, or what is hostile to the true Means. It is the notion that other means (those noted under Upaya-svarupa) are of equal, if not more, efficacy than the Means, which requires that those should be discarded, or at least looked down upon as subordinate or unimportant; the notion of doubt whether this real Means can be so simple and light as described, and therefore the fear that it cannot be an efficient means to a goal; the notion that the Fruit or Goal is so great (and therefore the fear that it is absurd or audacious to expect it to happen or to be had for the mere asking); and the notion that the obstacles to ones obtaining an End are so great and so many (and therefore the fear that the End is beyond reach, as against such tremendous odds obstructing the Postulant).

Prapti-virodhi, Anti – Gain or Anti -Fruit, or what is hostile to what is ones Ultimate End or Ideal of Life. That Ideal being God, to sin against Him is but the defeating of that Ideal. The next is sinning against the Godly. The third is what is called “heinous sin” (heya), begotten of the soul – and – body intimacy, devoid of remorse, atrocious and persistent in performance. “Sins of Food” is hostile to knowledge or dawning of wisdom.

“Sins of Company” is hostile to bliss or reaping the fruit of real bliss. “Sins of Self” or “Self-Love” is hostile to Self-Nature (as defined under Sva-svarupa).

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