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Anjali Vaibhavam

எம்பெருமானுக்கு இல்லாததொன்றாய், அவனைப் பெருகைக்கு பெருவிலையாய் இருக்குமது அஞ்சலியேயிரே; கருட முத்ரைக்கு விஷம் தீருமாபோலே, “அஞ்சலி: பரமா முத்ரா” என்கிறபடியே இம்முத்ரையாலே அநாத்யபராதமும் நசித்து எல்லாம் அகப்படும் – என்று.

The above words of wisdom are from Pinpazhagaraam Perumal Jeeyar’s “Vaarthaamalai”.It extols the virtues of the Anjali Mudra, a sign/seal of salutation in which the palms are pressed together. Just like the Garuda Mudra can cure one from poisoning, the Anjali Mudra has the power to rid us of all our sins and bless us with all our needs.

anjali: paramA mudrA kshibram devaprasAdhinI goes a verse from “Vishnu Dharmottaram”. This verse hails the Anjali mudra as one that can quickly satisfy our preceptor, thereby serving as a means of attaining His divine abode.

In his Stotra Ratnam, Alavandar praises the benefits of performing Anjali mudra in the 28th verse. When one performs the Anjali mudra towards the feet of the Supreme Lord, his sins are expiated at the very instant and is blessed with a life of prosperity. There are three things to note in this Stotra Ratnam verse:

  1. Anybody can perform the Anjali Mudra. Thus, qualifications like being born into a particular family or caste or clan do not hold;
  2. The Anjali can be performed anytime. There are no time-bound prescriptions unlike other Vedic rituals;
  3. It needs to be done just once. Thus, unlike propitiating through other means which might require methodological strictures, the Anjali is simple to perform.

Sri Vedanta Desika wrote a separate work titled “Anjali Vaibhavam” to glorify this Mudra. According to him, performing Anjali is an indication of an individual soul’s Akinchanyam (helplessness). When performed towards the Supreme Lord, the soul demonstrates its dependence on Him, and thereby, becomes an object of His boundless grace. Desika even equated Anjali to a dharma sAstra in itself that can be performed without bothering about any methodological prescriptions.

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