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Amalanaadhipiran Commentary – Thaniyan Translation

Thaniyans (Invocatory Verses)

Sanskrit Sloka (by Mahapurnar)

Apada cudamanubhuya harim sáyanam
Madhyekaveraduhitur muditantaratma
Adrstrtam nayanayor visayantaranam
Yo niscikaya manavai munivahanam tam

Meditate I shall upon saint Munivahana who swore,
His eyes shall none else behold anymore,
Having seen the Lord Hari, feet upwards, in splendor galore,
Tween twin branches of, Kaveri, in sweet repose.

‘Apadacudam’ : From the feet to the crown – This might have been the Alvar’s resolve, to start with, but he could not lift his eyes of the Lord’s pair of lotus eyes, dazed and dazzled that he was. See notes under Song Eight.

Tamil Taniyan (by Srisaila Purnar)

Kattave kanta padakamalam nalladai unti
Tettarum udara bandam tirumar pukantam cevvay
Vattamil kankal meni muniyerittani pukuntu
Pattinal kantu valum Panar talparavinome

Blessed are we to worship the feet of Panar, the bard,
By joy sustained, espying thro’ vision, by the Lord dowered,
His feet lovely, radiant robes, exciting navel, glittering waistband,
Winsome chest with Tiru, on it well-poised,
Lovely neck, coral lips, eyes lotus-red, the cloud-hued
Form enthralling, inside the sanctum on the Muni mounted.

Note :
In this treatise it is not proposed to tire out the readers with the mass of details, found in the several commentaries but to present the best parts of them all, in a compact and easily assimilable form, with suitable additions to make their reading intelligible.

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