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Yatiraja Vimsati – Slokam 10

ha hanta hanta manasa kriyaya ca vaca yoham carami satatam trividhapacaaran |
soham tavapriyakara: priyakruvdadevam kalam nayami yatiraja! tatosmi moorkha: ||

Oh, Yatiraja! My behavior is indeed outrageous!
Rash am I, ever indulging in triple transgression,
Against God, His devotees and the Acharayas gracious,
And passing time thus, still do I, as your loving servant, feign.

(1) “Trividhapacharan”- The triple transgression comprises:

(a) Offence against God by way of regarding Maha Vishnu as one par with other minor Deities, treating lightly His incarnations as Rama and Krishna and looking upon them as no better than mere human beings and irreverent attitude towards the Lord’s iconic (Archa) manifestation, thinking in terms of the material of which the idol is made, thereby detracting from the awe and reverence due to be shown to ‘Archa’ as the living presence of God.

(b) Animated by conceit, greed and selfishness, throwing offence at the Lord’s devotees and,

(c) Being totally averse to contacts with the Lord and His devotees like Hiranya kasipu of yore, the sworn enemy of Lord Vishnu. In the last category would also fall transgressions known as “Asahyapachara” (intolerable or unpardonable sins) committed against the Acharyas (preceptors).

(2) The phrase “Tatosmi Moorkha:” has been repeated thrice, from the 8th sloka onwards, to indicate the intensity of the Poet’s rashness- “thrice impetuous”, the very opposite of “thrice blessed”!

For the remaining ten slokas, you may refer to here.

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