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Yatiraja Vimsati – Slokam 9

nityam tvayam paribhavaami gurum ca mantram taddevataamapi na kincidaho bibhemi |
ityam sathopyasathavabhdavadeeyasanghe hrushtascaraami yatiraja tatosmi murkha: ||

Oh, Yatiraja! I am really rash and yet not remorseful a bit
Flouting daily the preceptor and his teachings sacred,
Straying away from the Deity enshrined in the Mantras taught,
And alas! Still daring enough to parade
In the assembly of your votaries, as one truly devout.


(1) Q: What is meant by flouting the preceptor?


(a) Not living up to what was taught by him and,

(b) Spilling all that sacred knowledge, gathered from the preceptor, before the skeptical and the impious, who will treat it all lightly or with scant respect, like pearls before swine.

(2) Again, the offence against the Mantras, taught by the preceptor, is twofold:

  • Not remembering the real meanings imparted and on the top of that, misinterpreting the Mantras, and
  • Disregard of the Deity consecrated by the Mantras, manifesting itself in ungodly pursuits, due to lack of devotion.

(3) “Dhrustashcharami” is the more ancient and correct usage as against “Hrushtashcharami”, which is found in some texts- the latter meaning “ I strut about delighting in deceiving people in this manner”.

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