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Yatiraja Vimsati – Slokam 8

duh:kāvahOhamanisham tava dushtacheshtash shabdādibhoga niratash sharanāgathākhya: |
tvadpādabhakta hava shistajanaudhamadhye mithyā charami yatirāja tatosmin murkha: ||

Oh, Yatiraja! I am indeed rash and impetuous,
Committing base deeds, steeped in sensual pleasures,
Yet pretending to be a prapanna, and amidst the righteous,
Masquerading boldly as a great devotees of yours.

(1) My Lord, Yatiraja, is it not the height of rashness on my part to keep on wounding your heart by my paradoxical behavior outwardly professing all love for you and playing the imposter (as a great Prapanna) but actually given to bad ways, steeped in sensual pleasures?

(2)“Dukkavahoham” would mean “I am inflicting pain in your mind”. Actually, this pain, in so far as Sri Ramanuja is concerned, is “para dukkha dukkhitvam”, feeling grieved over the sad plight of others and is tantamount to ‘Daya’ or commiseration. The poet thus becomes the object of Ramanuja’s Daya.

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