Yatiraja Vimsati – Slokam 7

vrithyā pashur nara vapustvahameedrushOpi shrutyādisidhha nikhilatmagunāshrayOyam |
ityādarēna kruthinopi mitha: pravaktu adhyāpi vanchanaparOtra yatindra vartē ||

Oh, Yateendra! I am a veritable animal in human form,
Considering my code of conduct; I am still here an imposter,
Making even knowledgeable persons zealously take me as the repository
Of qualities, good and soulful, true to Vedic norms.

(1) The self-denunciation, which commenced in the preceding sloka, goes on, in this and succeeding slokas.

(2) “Vrithya Pasuh…” : Though born of human parents, with a human form, I am little better than a beast on account of my undisciplined way of life, eating and other habits. And yet, I masquerade before the outside world as the standard-bearer of all the good qualities, one should possess according to the Scriptures.

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