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Yatiraja Vaibhavam – Introduction

Yatiraja Vaibhavam was a work authored by Vaduga Nambi (also called as Andhra Purna), a direct disciple of Ramanuja. He devoted his life in serving Ramanuja by preparing milk for his master. He did not know any God other than Ramanuja’s feet, the spirit of which is revealed in the following Sloka:

ramanujacharyacharanapravanam paradevavata |
vatukapurnam aham vande paragyanapayonidhim ||

In Yatiraja Vaibhavam, Vaduga Nambi gives a brief biographical account of the great master in 114 slokas. The value of this work lies in the fact that, coming from the immediate disciple of Ramanuja, it deserves to be an authentic record.

The invocatory verse to this grantha is asunder:

sriramanuja yogindra ksheera kainkarya shaline |
nama:sya andhrapurnaya mahaneeya gunayate ||

Salutations to you Andhrapurana of respectable qualities, devoted to serve the eminent sage, Ramanuja, by offering milk to him.

We shall begin with the translations of the shlokas from the next post on this series.

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