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Devaraja Mangalam – Thaniyan

When Manavala Mamunigal undertook divya desa yatra to the city of Kanchi, he stayed there for some time and delivered discourses on Sri Bhashyam to his disciples. At the request of his disciples to glorify the Lord of Kanchipuram, Mamunigal composed thirteen sweet verses in praise of Devapperumal which came to be called Devaraja Mangalam.

Starting today, we will enjoy the commentary of Kanchi swami Sri. Prativadi Bhayankaram Annagarachariar on this grantham. This series will go in parallel with Yatiraja Vimsati and Upadesa Rathinamalai.

Thaniyan (authored by Appillai)

yac chakrE dhEvarAjasya mangaLAsAsanam muthA |
tam vandhE ramyajAmAthrumunim vichathavAkvaram ||

I bow in respect to Sri. Manavala Mamunigal; popularly hailed as “Vishathavak Shikhamani”, the author of the mangalasasana grantha “Sri Devaraja Mangalam”.

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