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Yatiraja Vimsati – Slokam 6

alpāpi mē na bhavadhIya padābjabhakthi: sabdādibhoga ruchiranvahamedhathē ha |
madpāpamēva hi nidanamamushya nānyat tadvārayārya yatirāja dayaikasindhO ||

Oh, gem of a preceptor and a veritable sea of compassion!
Unto your lotus feet there isn’t in me the slightest devotion
But, alas! My attachment to pleasures sensual grows intense;
Pray deliver me from the sole cause of all these, my sins.

(1) To a query whether the service prayed for in the preceding slokas does not accrue to the Poet, as a matter of course, by virtue of his exemplary devotion to the Great Master, the poet recounts, from this sloka onwards, his own numerous short comings, which could preponderate as serious impediments to the influx of his Master’s Grace.

(2) “Bhavadeeyapadabja” could be taken to mean “at your lotus feet” (samanadhikarana samasa) or “at the lotus feet of your devotees like Koorathazhvan, Mudaliandan etc.” (vyatikarana samasa).

(3) Mamunigal conveys a similar thought in Arthi Prabandham Pasurams 3, 15.

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