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Yatiraja Vimsati – 5th Slokam

ashtāksharākhya manuraja padatrayārtha nishtām mamātra vitarādya yateendra nātha |
shishtāgraganyajana sevya bhavatpadābje hrushtāsthu nithyam anubhuya mamāsya buddhi: ||

Oh, Yateendra, my Lord! Please grant unto me, now and here,
Steadfast devotion to the meanings of the three syllables
Of the eight-lettered TIRUMANTRA and let me forever
Revel in the enjoyment of your lotus feet, indeed adorable
By the illustrious stalwarts heading the ranks of righteous.

1) By Padatrayartanishta is meant steadfast devotion to the triple meanings of the said Mantra, namely subservience to none but the Lord, dependence on Him solely and service unto Him and His devotees.

2) In the preceding sloka, service was prayed for and as it is the quintessence of ‘Thirumantra’, the poet’s mind at once turned on to this Mantra and he prays to the great Master (Ramanuja) to vouchsafe to him the requisite devotion to translate into practice the triple meanings yielded by the said Mantra, as above, with this difference that Ramanuja would take the place of the Lord in so far as the poet is concerned.

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