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Yatiraja Vimsati – 4th Slokam

nityam yatindra! tava divyavapus smrutau mē saktam mano bhavatu vagguNa kirthanesau |
krutyam ca dasyakaraNam tu karadvayasya vruttyantarēstu vimukham karaNatrayam ca ||

Oh, Yateendra! let my mind stand transfixed forever
In your physical charm exquisite, and may my power
Of speech concentrate on recounting your qualities auspicious
Let my pair of hands be engaged in your exclusive service
And these triple faculties be shut against everything else.

Here guNakirtan is meant in laudation of Ramanuja’s ‘Daya’ or compassion of unlimited dimensions, standing right in the vanguard of the vast array of his auspicious qualities.

Well, it was all right when Mamunigal wished to keep his mind riveted to the incessant contemplation of the exquisite charm of Ramanuja’s physical form and again when he resolved to keep on singing the praise of the Master’s auspicious qualities. But how would it be possible for him to render bodily service unto him that had departed from his abode and gone back to the celestium long ago? But then, even this can very well go on, in the Archai state.

The complete and constant rapport between him and Ramanuja, in every possible manner, having been directly emphasized, that wish is only reinforced in the last line by the indirect method of saying that the author’s mind, word and deed should eschew everything else.

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