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Tips for Mumukshus – How to spend one’s time?

For those of us (liberation seekers) who want to spend our time constructively, Kanchipuram P.B. Annangarachariar swami recommends us to indulge in one or more of the following ten actions all the time. Highlights/Excerpts from the book Narpoadhu Poakku authored by Kanchi swami:

  1. Since ego is a single major impediment to our spiritual progress, a majority of our time has to be spent in identifying ways to shed it;
  2. We should sever all connections with people who directly or indirectly play a role in bloating our ego;
  3. We must forge acquaintances with divine personalities who are capable of enabling us overcome our ego and other limitations. We should make them make them our dEha bandhus and Atma bandhus;
  4. When we come across people who are filled with knowledge and devotion, we should feel a sense of chillness in our heart;
  5. We should persistently keep deliberating about the pitfalls of ego and other limitations like artha and kama. We should consciously strive to cultivate good gunas;
  6. We should spend a majority of our time in performing gunanubhavam of emperuman and in the anusandhanam of acharya prabhavams;
  7. We should desire to imbibe the knowledge and anushtanams of distinguished people;
  8. We should keep praying to God to bless us with the company of people who can augment our knowledge in addition to asking Him to give us the mental strength to turn away from the others who become impediments to our progress;
  9. We should cultivate the habit of overlooking the limitations in others and appreciating the goodness in them. Similarly, even if we are vested with good qualities, we should develop a frame of mind where we keep telling ourselves that we don’t have any good qualities; and
  10. We should understand that we will not find a way to salvation unless we keep talking about others’ limitations and do not work towards shedding our ego.

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