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URM: Pasurams 53-59 – The Glory of Srivachana Bhushanam

annapugazh mudumbai yaNNal ulagAsiriyan
innaruLAl seidhakalai yavaiyilum – unnil
thigazh vachanabUdaNaththin seermai yondRukkillai
pugazhallaviv vArththai meyyippOdhu

Starting from this song, Mamunigal sings the glory of Pillai Lokacharya in addition to extolling the greatness of Srivachana Bhushanam – a work that encapsulates the deeper spiritual meanings of Thiruvaimozhi and the other divine outpourings of the Azhwars.

If we consider the sum total of scholarly works which Pillai Lokacharya (the Administrator of Mudumbai province), generously blessed us with, there is no work that can match the glory of Sri Vachana Bhushanam. The encomiums that I shower on this work are deservedly true.

munnanguravOr mozhindha vachanangaL
thannaimigak koNdukaRROr thammuyirku – minnaNiyAch
sErach samaiththavarE seer vachanabhUdaNamen
pEr ikkaikkittAr pin

At an earlier time, Pillai Lokacharya compiled the teachings of all his earlier preceptors in the form of an ornament in order to bejewel those who have learnt the spiritual meanings of the scriptures under their respective teachers. At a later date, he gave this ornament the name “Sri Vachana Bhushanam”.

*koNdu kaRRor thammuyirku minnaNiyai – In a manner that befits the nature (swarUpa) of the learned.

Arvachana bUdaNathin AzhporuL ellAm aRivAr
Aradhu sonnEril anuttippAr – Ororuvar
uNdAgil aththanai kAN uLLamE yellArkkum
aNdAdha thandRo vadhu

Oh my mind! Is there anyone in this world to understand the majestic spiritual meanings enshrined in Sri Vachana Bhushanam? Is there anyone to follow the prescriptions advocated by this work? If there is someone who understands these spiritual meanings correctly and follows the prescriptions dutifully, then he’ll be the only person in the whole category. In that case, is it even possible for others to understand this work and put its prescriptions to practice?

uyya ninaivudaiyeer ungaLukkuch sollugindREn
vaiyaguru munnam vAi mozhindha – seyyakalai
yAmvachana bhUdaMNaththin AzhporuLaik kaRRadhanuk
kAmnilaiyil nillum aRindhu

Ye desirous of salvation! Listen to me! May you learn the deeper spiritual meanings enshrined in Pillai Lokacharya’s Srivachana Bhushanam and forever engage yourselves in practicing its prescriptions in a way that befits your clarity of the subject matter!

dEsikarpAl kEtta sezhum poruLaich sindhai thannil
mAsaRavE yoondRi mananam seithu– Asarikka
vallArgal thAm Vachana bhUdaNaththin vAnporuLaik
kallAdha thennO kavarndhu?

If you are capable of (i) Fixing permanently in your heart, the glorious meanings learnt from your acharyas in a manner that it cleanses you of all sins; (ii) Meditating upon them and (iii) Putting the prescriptions contained in them to practice, why aren’t you learning Srivachana Bhushanam as a necessity?

sach sampradAyam thAmudayOr kEttakkAl
mechchum viyakkiyai thAnuNdAgil – nachchi
adhigariyu neer Vachana bhUdaNaththuk kaRRa
madhiyudaiyeer mathiyaththarAi

If the sambandhis belonging to Sath Sampradayam were to avidly listen to a celebrated commentary of Srivachana Bhushanam, people like you, who have already understood the inner meanings of Srivachana Bhushanam, should still listen to it as a neutral person.

seer vachana bhUdaNaththin semporuLaich sindhai thannAl
thERilumAm vAikoNdu cheppilumAm – AriyarkAL
endRanakku nALum inidhAgA nindRadhaiyO
un thamak kevvinbam uLadhAm

I feel a sense of sweetness in my mind everytime I think about the deeper meanings enshrined in Srivachana Bhushanam and when I verbally extol its greatness. Oh the noble ones! I wonder what effect it would have had on you!

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