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Yatiraja Vimsati – 1st Slokam

kāmādidosa haramātmapada sritānām
ramanujam yatipatim praNamāmi mUrdhanā

Bow do I unto Ramanuja, the king of ascetics,
Who, his votaries delivers from sinful love etcetera,
And adores the feet of Nammazhvar, who meditates,
On the lovely lotus feet of the Lord with amazing love.

(1) Ramanuja’s excellence has several facets, but the chief among them was his adoration of Saint Nammazhwar (Parankusa) who was like unto a goad (i) weaning round his spiritual antagonists through his scintillating hymns, and (ii) making the Lord Himself pliable, enraptured by his sweet, divine love-laden hymns.

(2) And what about the Azhwar (Parankusa)? His love unto the Lord was too deep, rather bewildering-Prema avilasaya.

(3) kāmādidosaharam:-Mark this expression. Instead of saying kāmādiharam, it is said kāmādidosaharam, thereby indicating that love, anger etc., each by itself is not sinful and could be a virtue, if love is shown to God and His devotees and the anger is directed against their enemies­. What is sought to be discarded through Sri Ramanuja’s grace is the sinful type if love, anger etc.

(4) praNamāmi mUrdhanā: Bowing is of course bending of the head in salutation and yet the word  mUrdhana (by head ) has also been added just to signify that the head has been given to us only to bow before the Lord and it is only by bowing, the head can prove its worth and vindicate its functional utility.

Translation Credits: Yatiraja Vimsati by Gwalior Sathyamurthi Iyengar

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