Posted in Manavala Mamunigal's Works, Yatiraja Vimsati

Yatiraja Vimsati – Thaniyan

yah: stutim yatipati prasādhinIm vyājahār yatiraja vimsatim
tam prapanna jana chātakāmbudham naumi sowmyavarayogi pungvam

Salutation to Manavala Mamuni, the elixir
of Prapannas, the great Composer of
Yatiraja Vimsati, the regaler
of Saint Ramanuja’s heart of grace galore.

Those who pursue the path
of loving surrender unto the
Lord’s redemptive grace
and confidently repose in His sweet lap.

Note: Although ‘Yatiraja Vimsati’ was composed before the author took to the holy order of Sanyasa, this invocatory sloka came up only after the author became an ascetic and hence the salutation to Saint Varavara muni.

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