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I have attached a file that contains the pasurams that are chanted as a part of Nithyanusanthanam daily.

This e-book should particularly suit beginners as it is presented in a format that is easier to read.

There can be some deletions to pasurams listed here based on one’s guru parampara. But at large, this document is inclusive of all traditions.

Chanting the whole set would atleast take 5 hours to complete. So request you to leave out some pasurams based on your convenience (or based on consultation with your acharyan).

The text has been sourced primarily from Vedics and Acharya.

Download PDF File from here: Nithyanusanthanam_Pasurams

2 thoughts on “Nithyanusandhanam

  1. Hearty thanks for nithyaanusanthanam … Kindly provide audio clips… Pls make audio UpTo thirupavai with Thaniyangal . It will be great help to us…

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