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URM – Pasurams 37-38: Emperumānār Dharisanam

OrAN vazhiyAi upadhEsiththAr munnOr
yErAr ethirAsar innaruLal – pArulagil
Asai udayOrkkellAm AriyargAL koorumendRu
pEsi varambaRuththAr pin

Our pUrvachAryAs beginning from Sri. nAthamuni followed a tradition of teaching the special meanings of the aruLichcheyals to one person at a time. However, Ramanuja, out of his infinite compassion towards the people of the world, broke this tradition and established 74 simhAsanAthipathis to communicate the meaning of the aruLichcheyals to all and sundry interested in gaining this knowledge.

emperumAnAr dharisanam endRE idhaRku
namperumAL pErittu nAtti vaiththAr – am puviyOr
indha dharisanaththai emperumAnAr vaLarththa
andhach cheyal aRigaikkA

In order that the people of the world get to know Ramanuja’s contribution in strengthening the foundations of the Sri Vaishnava sampradAyam, the Lord of Srirangam, namperumAL, christened this sampradAyam as “emperumAnAr dharisanam”.

Tamil translation here.

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