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URM – Pasurams 27-29 – Emperumānār Vaibhavam


indRu ulageer chiththiraiyil yEindha thiruvAdhirai nAL
endRayinum idhanukku yEtRamendRAn – endRavarkkuch
sARRugindREn kENmin ethirAsar tham piRappAL
nARRisaiyum koNdAdum nAL

O’ the people of this world! Today is Chiththirai Thiruvaadhirai. If you ask me what makes this day special when compared to the others, I will tell you. This is the day on which the people living in all the four directions of the world celebrate the incarnation of Sri. Ramanuja.


AzhwArgaL thAngaL avadariththa nALgaLium
vAzhvAna nAL namakku maNNulageer – yEzhpArum
uyya ethirAsar udiththaruLum chiththiraiyil
seyya thiruvAdhirai

Sri. Ramanuja incarnated in this world and blessed us with his scholarly works for our spiritual upliftment. O’ the people of this world! Please understand that Chiththirai Thiruvadhirai, the birth star of Ramanujar, has a glory that is unmatched by the birth stars of the azhwars.


enthai ethirAsar ivvulagil enthamakkA
vandhudhiththa nAL ennum vAsiyinAl – indhath
thiruvAdhirai thannin seermai thannai nenjE
oruvAmal eppozhudhum Or

By virtue of him being born into the Thiruvadhirai star, my master, Sri. Ramanujar, brought incomparable glory to his birth nakshathram. O’ my mind, please remind yourself about the glory associated with this nakshathram.

Note: So far, when we were discussing the birth stars of the Azhwars, we saw that Mamunigal was describing the glory associated with a particular month and a particular nakshathram. However, when discussing the glory of Thiruvadhirai in this pasuram, Mamunigal does not make a reference to a specific month in which it occurs. This is just to drive home the point that the nakshathram, by virtue of being associated with Sri. Ramanujar, gains this elitist status.

Source: Pillailokam Jeeyar Vyakhyanam

Tamil translation here.

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