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URM – Pasurams 25-26: Madhurakavi Vaibhavam


yErAr madhurakavi ivvulagil vandhudiththa
seerArum chiththiraiyil chiththirai nAL- pArulagil
maRRuLLa AzhwArgaL vandhudhiththa nALgalilum
uRRadhu emakkendRu nenjE Oar

O’ my mind! Please understand that the incarnation of Madhurakavi Azhwar in the Chithira month, chithira nakshathiram befits the nature of our swarUpam when compared to the thirunakshaththirams of all the other Azhwars.

Note: We will understand the meaning of “befitting the nature of our swarUpam” in the pAsuram below.


vAiththa thirumanthiraththin maththimamAm padhampOl
seerththa madhurakavi seikalaiyai – Arththapugazh
AriyargaL thAngaL aruLichcheyal naduvE
sErviththAr thARpariyam thErndhu


The middle pAdam (portion) of Thirumanthiram has the message required to deliver us from samsAram. Similarly, Kannunin Siruththambu, the scholarly work of Madhurakavi Azhwar, expounds the same meaning contained in the middle pAdam of Thirumanthiram. Recognizing the importance of this work and the meaning it conveys, our pUrvAchAryAs, included this work in the compilation of the works done by other AzhwArs (4000 Divya Prabandham).

Note: The middle pAdam of Thirumanthiram contains sabda pUrthi (conciseness) and arththa pUrthi (completeness). This pAdam carries a meaning that befits our swarUpa (nature). That is, the middle pAdam has the power to dispel the impediments to our swarUpa upAya purushArththam. In addition, it also expounds pAratantriyam (our dependence on emperumAn) and the relationship between the us and emperumAn (seshatvam). Similarly, the essence of kanninun siruththAmbu is “vEdaththin utporuL”, which is the same as seshatvam. However, the seshatvam conveyed in kanninun siruththAmbu is bhAgavatha seshatvam.

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