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URM – Pasurams 22-24 – Andal Vaibhavam

indRo thiruvAdippUram emakkAga
andRo ingu ANdAL avathariththAL – kundRAdha
vAzhvAga vaikuntha vAn bOgam thannai igazhndhu
AzhwAr thirumagaLArAi

Didn’t Andal take birth on this Aadi month pUram nakshathram just for us? Despite being the “mother of the world”, she left behind the anubhavam offered by Vainkuntam and took birth in this world solely for our spiritual upliftment.

periyAzhwAr penpiLLaiyAi ANdAL piRandha
thiruvAdip pUraththin seermai – oru nALaik
uNdO manamE uNarndhup pAr ANdALuk
undAgil oppu idhaRkum uNdu

O’ my heart! Analyze and find out whether there is a day that matches the glory of Aadi month pUra nakshathram – the day on which ANdAL incarnated in this world as the daughter of periyAzhwAr. Only when one finds another person who matches ANdAL in compassion and beauty, can he find another day that matches the glory of Aadip pUram.

anjuk kudikkoru sandhadhiyAi AzhwArgaL
than seyalai vinji niRkum thanmayalAi – pinjAi
pazhuththAlai ANdALai baththiyudan nALum
vazhuththAi manamE magizhndhu

ANdAL, who incarnated in the prapanna kula of the AzhwArs, displayed great scholarship and devotion ever since her childhood days. O’ my mind! Keep worshipping her in devotion!

Source: Pillailokam Jeeyar Vyakhyanam

Tamil translation here.

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