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URM – Pasurams 19 & 20 – Thiruppallandu Vaibhavam

kOdhilavAm AzhwArgaL kooRu kalaikkellAm
Adhi thiruppallANdu Anadhuvum – vEdaththukku
Om ennum adhu pOl uLLaththukkellAm surukkAith
thAn mangaLam AdhalAl

Just like OmkAram which forms the beginning of all vEdAs, the Thiruppallaandu, which marks the beginning of the spotless AzhwAr compositions, serves as a summary as well as the invocatory prayer verse for the sacred 4000 hymns.

uNdO thiruppallandukku oppadhOr kalaidhAn
uNdO periyAzhwArukku opporuvar – thaNdamizhnool
seidharuLum AzhwArgaL thammil avar seikalaiyil
paithal nenjE nee uNarndhup pAr

Is there a scholarly composition that is equivalent to the Thiruppallaandu? Is there an equivalent to periyAzhwAr in terms of scholarship? O’ ignorant mind! May you learn and analyse the scholarly works of the peerless periyAzhwAr, which were offered to us in the glorious tamil language.

Source: Pillailokam Jeeyar Vyakyanam

Tamil Translation here.

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