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URM – Pasurams 16-18 – Periyazhwar Vaibhavam

indRaip perumai aRindhilaiyO yEzhai nenjE
indRaikken yERRamenil uraikkEn – nandRipunai
pallANdu pAdiya nam bhattarpirAn vandhudhiththa
nallAniyil sOdhi nAL

O’ ignorant mind! Don’t you know the glory associated with this day? If you ask me what makes this day special, I will tell you. It was on this day (in the month of Aani (jyEshta) and the star swAthi), periyAzhwAr, who gave us the prabandham infused with good messages – The Thiruppallandu, incarnated in this world.

mAnilaththil munnam periyAzhwAr vandhudhiththa
Ani dhanil sOdhi nAL endRAl Adharikkum – nyAniyarkku
opporuvar illai ivvulagu dhanil endRu nenjE
eppozhudhum sindhithiru

O’ my mind! Please remind yourself that that those people, who understand the glory associated with the incarnation of periyAzhwAr once upon a time in this big world, have no equivalent in this world in terms of knowledgeable peers.

mangaLAsAsanaththil maRRuLLa AzhwArgaL
thangaL ArvaththaLavu thAnandRi – pongum
pirivAlE villipuththur bhattarpirAn peRRAn
periyAzhwAr ennum peyar

Having surpassed the other AzhwArs in his display of bhagavad preethi (in his mangaLAsAsanams to the Lord), bhattarpirAn, who incarnated in Srivilliputtur, came to be hailed as “periyAzhwAr”.

Tamil translations here.

Source: Pillailokam Jeeyar Vyakhyanam

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