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URM – Pasurams 14 & 15 – Nammazhwar Birth Star Vaibhavam

yErAr vaikAsi visAkaththin yEtraththai
pArOr aRiya pagargindREn – seerArum
vEdam thamizh seidha meyyan ezhil kurugai
nAthan avathariththa nAL

O’ the people of the world! Let me tell you the glory associated with visAkha nakshaththiram in this beautiful vaikAsi mAsam. This day marks the incarnation of nammAzhwar (who provided to us the essence of the vedAs in simple Tamil language) in the southern hamlet of AzhwAr thirunagari.

uNdO vaikAsi visAkaththukku opporu nAL
uNdO satakOparkku opporuvar – uNdO
thiruvAimozhikku oppu thenkurugaikku uNdO
oru pAr thanil okkum Oor

Is there a day that is equivalent to vaikAsi visAkham? Is there a person whose scholarship is equivalent to that of nammAzhwAr? Is there a scholarly work which is comparable to thiruvAimozhi? In the whole world, is there a place which is comparable to AzhwAr thirunagari?

Tamil translation here.

Update: As adiyEn would be out to Madurai and Tirunelveli over the weekend, the posting will resume from Tuesday, Feb 21st.

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