Posted in Manavala Mamunigal's Works, Upadesa Rathinamalai

URM – 7th Pasuram

maRRuLLa AzhwArgaLukku munnE vandhudiththu
naRRamizhAl noolseidhu nAttai uyththa – peRRimayOr
endRu mudhalAzhwArgal ennum periyavarkku
nindRadhu ulagaththE nigazhndhu

By incarnating in this earth before the remaining seven AzhwArs and by offering (to the people of the world) the means of salvation through the divya prabandhams of mudhal thiruvandhAdhi, irandAm thiruvandhAdhi and moondrAm thiruvandhAdhi, the first three AzhwArs earned the name “mudhalAzhwArs” – a reference that has come to stay since then.

Tamil translation here.

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