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Dear Bhagavathas, adiyEn just returned from a three day trip to Karappangadu (Pattukottai Taluk, Tanjore District; Pictures here).

The temple is atleast 500 years old. The adhyAyana uthsavam began in Karappangadu Abhisthta Varadaraja Perumal temple on December 26th, 2011 with the sEvai of the first 200 pAsurams from Periyazhwar Thirumozhi.

Karappangadu is one of the srivaishnava pancha gramams (Five Villages), the other four being Serankulam (Mannargudi Taluk, Thiruvarur district), Peravoorani (Tanjore District), Nammankurichi (Thiruvarur District) and Puliyakkudi (Tanjore District). People in and around Trichy, Thanjavur, Sirkazhi, Mayavaram, Kumbakonam, Mannargudi and Nagapattinam are requested to participate in the uthsavam and receive the blessings of Karappangadu Deva Perumal.

adiyEn also had the bhagyam of visiting Thiruvarangam, Anbil and Uththamar Kovil Divya Desams. Other than Thiruvarangam, where adiyEn could not have more than a momentous glimpse of namperumAL, adiyEn spent considerable time in Anbil, Uththamar Kovil and kAttu azhagiyasingar temples. The bhattacharyar at Anbil evinced disappointment that iyengars neither reside by nor frequent the divya desam, which moved adiyEn considerably.

adiyEn spoke at length with Srivaishnavasri Krishnamachariar swami, a great scholar and the author of pAnchajanyam magazine.  Swami has been fighting for quite sometime against the atrocities in the administration of Srirangam temple. During the course of the conversation, he expressed the financial issues he has run into that have challenged the continuance of Panchajanyam magazine beyond April 2012. For the moment, the magazine is also available online here. For those who didn’t know, Srivaishnavasri also has a huge collection of sampradAyam books from Periyavachan pillai vyakhyAnams on nAlayiram to Acharya vyAkhyanams for rahasya granthAs. A sample from their catalogue is available in Tamil and English. For further details on commentaries and shloka books, refer to the contact phone and email address on their website. I also request the bhAgavathAs to see if they could be of some help to them in keeping pAnchajayam going.

adiyEn will begin the postings on Thiruppavai 12th pAsuram from today. adiyEn hopes to make up for the left out pAsurams later.

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  1. Namaskaram Swami.Adiyen notified the same website as ‘ Srivaishnasri Srirangam ‘ in your Sampradayam list.IT is so regrettable to view the message about panchajanyam.It can be published as Ebook,like ‘Namperumal Vijayam’ present in the website ‘Purvachariya Works Library’ in your ‘Naalayiram’ list.

    1. Sri. Krishnamachariar will decide the future of the magazine by April. Maybe we can put forth this recommendation. But the reach of the magazine will be severly curtailed if we take to the online medium.

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