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Blog Update – 28th Nov 2011

Dear Reader,

Thanks for following the posts on Aarthi Prabandham. We have wrapped up the English commentary for this prabandham with paasuram numbers 59 and 60. In the next post which will be up in two to three days time, adiyEn will try to provide the gist of the meanings conveyed through the 60 paasurams of Aarthi Prabandham.

With the onset of the thamizh month of margazhi, adiyEn also plans to cover one paasuram a day of “Thiruppavai” with commentaries drawn up from the vyakhyanams of thennacharya doyens.

I solicit your blessings and support to keep this going.

adiyEn madhurakavi dAsan

2 thoughts on “Blog Update – 28th Nov 2011

  1. Adiyen namaskaram.your plan for the coming margazhi is good.Wellbefore the margazhi starts it is very useful for the viewers of this website naratting 1.PERIYAZHWAR VAIBAVAM 2.ANDAL VAIBAVAM 3.BOOTHEVY VAIBAVAM IN VARAGA AVATHARAM 4.PAVAINONBU MAHATMIUM.5.THIRUPPAVAI THANIAN.

    1. Swami, dAsan has planned to provide information about Andal Vaibhavam and Thiruppavai thaniyans. However, adiyEn does not have the other vaibhavams in mind. Excuse adiyEn for the lack of time. adiyEn will take up those tasks going into the future.

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