Posted in Aarthi Prabandham, Manavala Mamunigal's Works

Aarthi Prabandham – 59th & 60th Pasuram

endhai thiruvarangar yerAr garudan mEl
vandhu mugam kAtti vazhinadathach sindhai seidhu ip
pollA udambu thanip pOkkuvadhu ennAl kolO
sollAi ethirAsA! soozhndhu

The Lord of Srirangam, Sri. Ranganatha, who is like a father and a mother to me, will appear on his Garuda Vahanam at the time of separation of my atma from my body. He will display his kasthuri thirunamam and his beautiful thirumugam that would bear a smile on it. He will lead me to paramapadham through the archirathi route. As I keep thinking about this, oh Ramanuja, please tell me when I can give up this body to reach paramapadham.

indha arangaththu inidhu iru neeyendRu arangar
endhai ethirAsarkku Eendha varam sindhai seyyil
nammadhandRO nenjam naRRAdhai som pudhalvar
thammadhandRO thAyamuRaidhAn

The Lord of Sri Rangam, Namperumal, blessed my father Ramanuja with a boon that he can forever stay within the comforts of Sri Rangam temple. If we keep reminding ourselves about this boon, then the benefits of the boon will accrue to us as well. This is because it is natural for a son (us) to inherit the father’s (Ramanuja’s) property.

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