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Aarthi Prabandham – 55th & 56th Pasuram

thennarangar seer aruLukku ilakkAgap peRROm
thiruvarangam thiruppadhiyE iruppAgap peRROm
manniya seer mARan kalai uNavAgap peRROm
madhurakavi soRpadiyE nilaiyAgap peRROm
munnavarAm nam guruvar mozhigaL uLLap peRROm
muzhudhum namakku avai pozhudhupOakkAi peRROm
pinnai ondRuthanil nenju pErAmal peRROm
piRar minukkum poRAmai illAp perumayum peRROmE

Oh Ramanuja! We set out to achieve the divine grace of Lord Ranganatha as our goal. We are blessed to stay in the town of Sri Rangam, the first of the divya desams. We are indebted to have had a taste of Nammazhwar’s Thiruvaimozhi, a work that contains a heavy dosage of divine auspicious qualities. We were enriched through your sambandham in a manner Madhurakavi Azhwar benefitted by associating himself with the lotus feet of Nammazhwar. We learnt the Rahasya granthas of our preceptors and spent our time delivering discourses on them. While doing all of this, we were fortunate to have been blessed with single-minded devotion and focus to the duties we carried out. By living a life like this, we also became the object of other people’s praises and good wishes.

undhan abhimAnamE uththAragam endRu
sindhai theLindhirukkach seidha nee – andhO
ethirAsA! nOigaLAl ennai nalakkAmal
sadhirAga nin thiruthAL thA

Oh Ramanuja! You made me realize that being your devotee is important for my upliftment. I earnestly urge you to deliver me from this world without my having to undergo the illness associated with this body.

2 thoughts on “Aarthi Prabandham – 55th & 56th Pasuram

  1. SRIMATHEY RAMANUJAYA NAMA.Today adiyen received SAPTHAGIRI monthly issue.In that there is an article regarding ASHTAVITHA ANUBAVAM narrating the same AARTHI PRABANDAM 55.THE same I received through gmail and saw it at 9pm.I GET astonished and wondered on this anubavam and I had no word to express .

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