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Aarthi Prabandham – 51st to 54th Pasuram

endRuLan Eesan uyirum andReyuNdu ikkAlam ellAm
indRaLavAgap pazhudhE kazhindha iruvinayAl
endRu izhavindRi irukkum ennenjam iravu pagal
nindRu thabikkum ethirAsA neeyaruL seidha pinnE

The jivatmas have lived ever since the time of Lord – who Himself has been around through the cycles of creation, sustenance and dissolution. From time immemorial, it has been our karma that has decided the repetition of our birth-death cycle. Oh Ramanuja! So far, my mind has failed to recognize this truth. Ever since I was blessed with your sambandham, wisdom has dawned on me and I now keep worrying about my plight day in and day out.

kanagagirimEl kariya mugil pOl
vinadhai siruvan mERkoNdu – thanuvidumpOdhu
yErAr arangar ethirAsarkkAga enbAl
vArA munniRpar magizhndhu

As I enjoy being the object of grace of Ramanuja, Lord Ranganatha mounted on Garuda will appear before me when my soul departs its body (at the time of my death) like dark clouds appearing on the hillock of Meru. Here, Mamunigal visualises the scenario at the time of his Charama Dasai (the time for the departure of the soul from the body). This vision of Mamunigal can be likened to the Thiruvaimozhi verse “kAi sinap paRavaiyoornNthu pon malaiyin meemisaik kArmugil pOl”.

idhaththAlE thennarangar seigiradhu endRaRindhE
irundhAlum tharkAla vEdanayin ganaththAl
padhaiththu Avo ennum indhap pAva udambudanE
pala nOvum anubhaviththu ippavaththu irukkappOmO
madhaththAlE valvinaiyin vazhi uzhandRu thirundha
valvinaiyEn thannai unakku ALAkkik koNda
idaththAyum thandhaiyumAi ethirAsA! ennai
inik kaduga ippavathinindRu eduththarulE

The sorrow I experience today is solely a result of my karma. It is the divine will of Lord Ranganatha that I should annul the effects of my karma in this very birth. Despite knowing this design, I was finding it difficult to bear the sorrow with the sinful human body that I possess. It was at this time that I had your sambandham through which I became your servant. Oh Ramanuja (whom I consider my father and my mother), bless me and quickly deliver me from this world.

innam eththanai naaL ivvudambudan
irundhu nOvu padakkadavEn iyO
ennai ithinindRum viduviththu neer
endRudhAn thirunAttinuL yERRuveer
annayum aththanum allAdha suRRamum
Agi ennai aLitharuL nAdhanE
yen idhaththai irAppagal indRiyE
yEgameNNum ethirAsa vaLLalE

Oh Ramanuja! My master! You care for me like my father, mother and my close relatives would. You only think of what is good for me day in and day out. How many days will I have to continue occupying this body and tolerate the suffering? When are you going to deliver me from this misery and elevate me to paramapadham?

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