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Aarthi Prabandham – 49th & 50th Pasuram

nandhA naragaththu azhundhAmai vaeNdidil nAnilaththeer
en thAthaiyAna ethirAsanai naNNum endrum avan
andhAdhi thannai anusandhiyum avan thoNdarudan
sindhAkulam kedach sErndhirum muththi pin siddhikkumE

O’ the people of the world! Do you want to know the secret to get rid of samsaric afflictions? Forever keep thinking about my father Ramanuja. Engage yourself in regularly chanting “Prapanna Gayathri” (or Iramanusa Nootrandhaadhi, as it is widely known) – a collection of hymns that extol the glory of Ramanuja. Keep alive the desire in you to serve the lotus feet of Ramanuja all the time. Live in the company of the devotees of Ramanuja, as it helps you to overcome the qualms in your heart. If you manage to do all of these, you will be automatically blessed with liberation.

Note: In the verses we have seen so far, Mamunigal had been discussing at length about how it was difficult for him to overcome the distractions of this world and direct his mind towards serving the feet of Ramanuja. His sincere pleas to Ramanuja to bless him with liberation give us an impression that Mamunigal underwent all the travails of a jivatma in kali Yuga. However, we must understand that a highly evolved soul like Mamunigal would have had his way to liberation in a much easier fashion. He has written Arthi Prabandham solely for us spiritual seekers who find it difficult to sever connections with this material world. No verse captures this thought better than the current one, where, he advises what spiritual seekers have to do.

avathE arumanthakAlaththaip pOkki aRivinmaiyAl ip
pAvaththE uzhalgindRa pAviyargAL pala kAlam nindRu
thavathE muyalbavar thangatkkum yeidhavoNNAdha vandhath
thivaththE ummai vaikkum sindhiyum neer ethirAsarendRu

O’ the people of the world! Why do you waste your precious time indulging in worldly affairs rather than chanting the name of Ramanuja? Oh sinners! Why do you desire to forever remain entrenched in the ocean of samsara! Keep reminding yourself of the holy name of Ramanuja. If you manage to do so, you will easily find a place in paramapadham, something which eludes even an ascetic who spends years in isolation to meditate on the Supreme Lord.

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