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Aarthi Prabandham – 45th to 48th Pasuram

nArAyaNan thirumAl nAram nAm ennum muRai
ArAyil nenjE anAdhi andrO – seerArum
AsariyanAle andRO nAm uyndhadhu endRu
koosAmal eppozhudhum kooRu

Oh my mind! Can we ignore the fact that our relationship with the Supreme Lord Narayana is continuing for several aeons now? Wasn’t it our acharya who pointed out the nature of this relationship to us? As a result, let us acknowledge this fact and say emphatically that “we became elevated solely because of the grace of our acharya.”

thiruvAimozhippiLLai theevinaiyOndhamaik
guruvAgi vandhu uyyakkoNdu – poruvil
madhi dhAn aLiththaruLum vAzhvandRo nenjE
ethirAsarkku ALAnOm yAm

This is the second consecutive verse where Mamunigal hails the glory of his immediate (upakaraka) acharya, Thiruvaimozhippillai. He directs his mind to acknowledge the role played by his acharya in guarding him from the negative effects of his actions. He also acknowledges the role played by his acharya in initiating him into the acharya parampara, begetting him Ramanuja Sambandham and in delivering the essence of liberation through Thirumanthira Upadesam.

irAmAnusAya namavendRu iravum pagalum sindhiththu
irAmanusargaL iruppidam thannil iRaippozhudhum
irAmAnusar avarkku ella adimaiyum seyyaveNNi
irAmAnusar thammai mAnusarAga enkol eNNuvadhE

One should avoid the company of people who do not chant the glory of Ramanuja day in and day out. We should spend our time doing service to the Lord in places devoid of such people. In fact, how can we consider those people as human if they fail to chant the name of Ramanuja?

eNNAdhu ennenjam isaiyAdhu en nAvu iRainjAdhu senni
kaNNAnavai ondRum kANaluRa kaLiyAr naliya
voNNAdha vaNNam ulagu aLithOn ethirAsan adi
naNNAdhavarai arangEsar seidha nalam namakkE

Through his scholarly works and his infinite compassion, Ramanuja saved the people of this world from falling into the trap laid down by Kalipurusha. People who do not recognize this magnanimous gesture of Ramanuja do not deserve my attention – my mind won’t think about them, my eyes won’t see them, my tongue wont spell their name and my head won’t bow in their respect. I thank the Lord of Srirangam for blessing me with the capability to control my senses according to my wishes. This capability has helped me to stay away from those who don’t recognize the contribution of Ramanuja.

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