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Aarthi Prabandham – 41st to 44th Pasurams

enaippOl pizhaiseyvAr ivvulagil uNdO
unaippOl poRukkavallAr uNdO? – anaiththu ulagum
vAzhap piRandha ethirAsa mAmunivA
Ezhaikku irangAi ini

Is there another person like me in this whole universe who keeps committing the kind of mistakes I do? Is there another person like you even in the higher worlds who is an embodiment of tolerance and compassion? O’ Ramanuja, the saviour of all living beings in this world! Show mercy on me and liberate me from samsara.

aympulangaL mElittu adarumpozhudhu adiyEn
un padhangaL thammai ninaiththu Olamittaal – pinbhu avaithAm
ennai adarAmal irangAi ethirAsA
unnai allAmal enakku uNdO?

When my five senses get the better of me and force me to indulge in worldly affairs, I meditate on your lotus feet and call out your name “Ramanuja”. Oh Yatiraja! Who else do I have (but you) to protect me? Please help me to overcome this distress.

indha ulagul porundhAmai yEdhumillai
andha ulagil pOga Asaiyillai – indha namakku
ippadiyEdhAn tharuvar enthai ethirAsar
oppil thirunAdu ugandhu

I am yet to overcome the longing I have for materialistic things in this world. The interest to attain paramapadham is yet to take root in me. While I continue to remain in this state, on what basis, will my father Yatiraja come forward and offer me a place in paramapadham?

mAgandha nAraNanAr vaigumvagai aRindhOrkku
EgAndham illai iruL illai – mOgAndhar
ivvidam EgAndham iruL endru bayam aRRu irundhu
seivargal thAm pAvaththiRam

Those who realise that Sriman Narayana resides both inside and outside them are never alone. Since they have realised the divinity within, they are never prone to committing mistakes. It is only those who don’t understand this truth think that their actions are beyond the purview of the Lord and indulge themselves in forbidden activities.

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