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Aarthi Prabandham – 39th & 40th Pasurams

vEmbu kaRiyAga virunbinAr kaiththathendRu
thAm pugadAthE pusikkum thanmaipOl – theemban ivan
endRu ninaiththu ennai igazhAr ethirAsar
andRu aRindhu

Though neem leaf has a bitter taste, people consume it along with food for medicinal reasons. Similarly, even with the knowledge that I have many bad qualities, Ramanuja did not desert me. It was out of his compassion that he took pity on me, absolved me of my sins and accepted me as his servant.

avaththai pozhudhai adiyEn kazhithup
pavaththai irukkum adhu paNbO? – thivathE yAn
sErum vagai aruLAi seerAr ethirAsA
pOrum ini ivvudambaip pOkku

O’ Ramanuja! As your servant, I have been wasting the time which I should have otherwise spent engaging in your service. This way, I have been preoccupied with worldly affairs in a manner that is incompatible with my Atma Swarupam. Isn’t my continued persistence in this state a blemish to your grace and compassion? Please enable me to get rid of this body that incarcerates me in samsara and elevate me to paramapadham.

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