Posted in Aarthi Prabandham, Manavala Mamunigal's Works

Aarthi Prabandham – 37th & 38th Pasurams

indRaLavum illadha adhikAram mElum enakku
endRu uLadAm sollAi ethirAsA – kundRA
vinaithodarai vettivittu mElE vaikundhathu
ennai kaduga yERRAdhadhu yen?

I am yet to fulfil the candidational requirements to deserve a place in paramapadham. When will I ever be able to do it? O’ Ramanuja! Instead of helping me to get rid of the effects of my actions (which, incidentally, have gathered by the heaps) and elevating me to paramapadham, why are you remaining silent?

anjil aRiyAdhAr aymbadhilum thAmaRiyAr
ensol enakkO ethirAsA – nenjam
un thAL ozhindhavaRRayE ugakka indRum
anudhAbam aRRu irukkaiyAl

O’ Ramanuja! Ideally, my mind, which has so far only sought lowly things, should have forever remained addicted to serving your feet. Instead of that, my mind has been chasing worldly riches in an everlasting pursuit of futility. Did the adage “If one does not learn at five, is he ever going to learn at fifty?” originate exclusively to describe my hopeless plight?

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