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Aarthi Prabandham – 35th & 36th Pasurams

aruLAle adiyEnai abhimAnitharuLi
anavaratham adimai koLLa ninaiththu neeyirukka
maruLAle pulan pOga vAnjai seyyum endRan
valvinaiyai mARRi unpAl manam vaikkap paNNAi
theruLArum koorathAzhwAnum avar selvath
thirumaganAr thAmum aruLich cheydha theemaith
thiraLAna aththanaiyum sEravuLLa ennaith
thiruththi uyyakkoLLum vagai thErum ethirAsA

Oh Ramanuja! Due to your infinite compassion, you blessed me, accepted me as your servant and gave me an opportunity to serve your feet. However, out of ignorance, I have been drifting aimlessly in the direction of my sensory pulls. Please help me get rid of such forbidden actions and focus my mind on you. Koorathazhwan and his son Parasara Bhattar, out of sheer modesty, claimed to have committed grave sins, when they actually didn’t. In my case, I have been really committing those grave sins. Therefore, I urge you to absolve me of my sins and help me focus my mind to unconditionally serve your feet.

vAsanayil ooRRamO mALAdha valvinaiyO
yEthendRu aRiyEn ethirAsA – theethAgum
aimpulanil Asai adiyEn mananthannai
vanpudanE thAn adarum vandhu

O’ Ramanuja! This longing for worldly desires, which is at loggerheads with the realization of Atma Swarupam, has got into me surreptitiously without my realization. Why did this happen? Is it a result of the conditioning that my atma has received from sinful desires accumulated across the different bodies it previously assumed for itself? Is it a result of the cumulative karma, which, does not seem to reduce despite my earnest attempts to seek redemption? I am not able to understand this. You should know this better. Please rescue me.

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