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Aarthi Prabandham – 33rd & 34th Pasurams

innam eththanai kAlam indha udambudan yAn iruppan
innapozhudhu udambu vidum innapadi adhudhAn
innavidaththE adhuvum ennum ivaiellAm
ethirAsA! nee aRidhi yAn ivai ondRaRiyEn
ennai ini ivvudambai viduviththu un aruLAl
yErArum vaikundhathERRa ninaivu uNdEl
pinnai viraiyAmal maRandhu irukkiRathen? pesAi
pEdhaimai theerthu ennai adumai koNda perumAnE

For how long will I continue to live with this body that is incompatible with my atma’s original nature? Oh Ramanuja! You have all the knowledge about when my body will dissolve into its composite matter, how the dissolution will happen and where it will happen even though I have no idea about this. O’ Ramanuja! If you have it in your mind to lead me to liberation by showering your grace on me, why is it that you are not expediting the process and remaining silent about it?

munnaivinai pinnaivinai Araththam ennum
moondRu vagaiyAna vinaiththogai anaiththum yAnE
ennai adaindhOr thamakkuk kazhippan ennum arangar
ethirAsA! neeyitta vazhakkandrO? sollAi
unnai alladhu aRiyAdha yAn indha udambOdu
uzhandRu vinaippayan pusikka vaeNduvadhu ondru uNdO?
ennudaya iruvinaiyai iRaippozhudhil mARRi
yErArum vaikundhathu yERRi vidAi neeyE

In this verse, Mamunigal refers to three types of sins: 1) Sins due to past actions (Purvakam), 2) Sins for which the jivatma has not yet suffered (Uttarakam) and 3) Sins for which the jivatma has only partly suffered (Praraptam).

O’ Ramanuja! I appear to be suffering as a result of all the three kinds of sins. Doesn’t Periya Perumal, Sri. Ranganathar, forgive the sins committed by those who surrender unto Him? Doesn’t He listen to your words when it comes to recommending people for salvation? I have unconditionally surrendered to you as my means of salvation. In that case, why are you passively watch my body suffer the consequences of my past sins? Please absolve me of my sins and bless me with a place in Srivaikuntam soon.

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