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Aarthi Prabandham – 27th & 28th Pasurams

ivvulaginil ini ondRum eNNadhE nenjE
iravupagal ethirAsar emakku inimEl aruLum
avvulagai alarmagaLkOn angirukkum iruppai
adiyAr kuzhAngaL thamai avargaL anubhavaththai
ivvuyirum adhukku ittup piRandhu izhandhu kidandhadhu
ennum aththai endRum adhukku idaichchuvarAi kidakkum
vevvinaiyAl vandha udal vidum pozhudhai vittAl
viLaiyum inbam thannai muRRam vidAmal irundhu eNNE

Oh my mind! Do not think about anything that is remotely associated with this material world. Just think about a place in paramapadham, something which Ramanuja is going to bless us with. Picture the way Sriman Narayana resides with his consort Sri. Mahalakshmi in the throne of paramapadham along with the bliss the celestials and Nithya Mukthars enjoy in His company. Think about the obstructions that prevent you from achieving a place in paramapadham. Keep longing for the time when you can sever all connections with your body and keep thinking about the benefits that accrue to you after you have given up the body.

paNdu palavAriyarum pAr ulagOr uyyap
parivudan seidharuLum palkalaigaL thammai
kaNdadhellAm ezhudhi avai kaRRarindhum piRairkkum
kAdhaludan kaRpiththum kAlathai kazhithEn
puNdareegai kElvan urai ponnulagu thannil
pOga ninaivu ondRum indRi porundhu ingE irundhEn
eNdisaiyum Eththum ethirAsan aruLAlE
ezhil visumbai andRi ippOdhu en manam ENNadhE

Oh Ramanuja! The great acharyas, who lived in the days of yore, have taken pity on us and blessed us with many of their scholarly works to lead us to liberation. I underwent formal tutorship to learn their works, understood them, wrote commentaries and spent my life delivering discourses on them for the benefit of the society. In all these days, I spent my life desirous of a place in this world without thinking about paramapadham – a place where Sriman Narayana resides permanently with his consort Sri. Mahalakshmi. The blessings of Ramanuja, whose fame is well-spread in all eight directions, have helped me recalibrate my true purpose of existence and have strengthened my resolve to seek liberation.

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