Aarthi Prabandham – 23rd & 24th Pasurams

adiyArgaL kuzhAngaL azhakOlakkamirukka
AnandamayamAna mAmaNi maNdabathup
padiyAdhumil padukkaiyAi irukkum ananthan
paNAmaNigaL thammin oLi maNdalathin idaiyil
vadivArum mAmalarAL vaLavarugu maRRai
maNmagaLum AimagaLum idavarugum irukka
naduvAga vEtRRirukkum nAraNanaik kaduga
nAn anubhavikkum vagai nalgu en ethirAsA

Continuing from 20th verse discussed earlier, Mamunigal explains to us the structural arrangement in paramapadham through this verse. In this verse, he explains how Nithya Mukthars like Adishesha, Garuda, Visvakshena, Nammazhwar and Thirumangai Azhwar are seated in paramapadham, with their collective arrangement symbolic of glittering beads and pearls. He also describes the Thirumamani Mandapam, at the centre of which the ruler of Paramapadham, Sri Vaikuntanatha is seated on Adishesha accompanied by His consorts Mahalakshmi to His right and Bhoo/Neela devis to His left. Mamunigal compares the Lord’s position in the centre of the Thirumamani Mandapam to that of a lotus flower with three shoots, from where He manages the affairs of all the worlds.

Having described the setting in paramapadham, Mamunigal appeals to the grace of Ramanuja so that he can soon worship the form of the Lord as described above in Paramapadham.

indha udal vittu iravi maNdalaththUdEgi
ivvaNdam kazhithu idayil AvaraNamEzhpOi
andhamil pAzhkadandhu azhagAr virAsaithanil kuliththu angu
amAnavanAl oLi koNda sOdhiyum peRRu amarar
vandhu edhirkoNdu alankariththu vAzhthi vazhinadatha
vainkuntam pukku maNimaNdapathuch chendru
nam thirumAl adiyArgal kuzhAngaLudan koodum
nAL enakkuk kurugumvagai nalgu enn ethirAsA

This verse continues from the journey to Paramapadham described in the 20th verse. Once again, Mamunigal explains the journey that the atma undertakes to reach paramapadham by describing the pit stops it takes enroute to Srivaikuntam. Having departed from a material body, the atma takes the “archirathi” route to reach Paramapadham. In this route, the atma first departs from the solar system, arrives at Brahma Lokam. Further, the atma departs from Brahma Lokam, crosses the seven varanas, the endless world of moola prakruthi and finally ends up in the Viraja river that marks the end of Leela Vibhuthi. After having gone beyond these worlds, the soul reaches the pure waters of Viraja river and rejoices by taking bath in it. Then, the atma assumes a pure “sattva” body that a person by the name Amanavan offers it. Afterwards, the Atma leads its way to the palace of Vaikuntanatha in a procession, welcomed by the celestials. Once it completes its journey, our atma joins the other servants of the Lord and remains eternally singing the praise of the Lord in the gathering.

Having described this journey, Mamunigal requests Ramanuja to grace him with liberation so that he can join the Nithya Mukthars and engage in eternal service to the Lord in paramapadham.

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