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Aarthi Prabandham – 21st and 22nd Pasurams


thirumalaiyAzhwAr thiruvAimozhippiLLai seerarurAl
tharum madhi koNdavar thammai uthAragarAga eNNi
iru manamE! avarkkAi ethirAsar emai kaduga
paramapadam thanil ERRuvar enna bayam namakkE?

Oh my mind! Meditate upon the great acharyan Thiruvaimozhippillai (popularly known as “Sri Sailesar”),who, out of compassion for us, blessed us with his scholarly works. Oh my mind, think about him as the one who can rid us of our samsaric life.

By doing so, we will make our association with the acharyan noticeable to emperumAnAr, who in turn, will waste no time in blessing us with a place in paramapadam. What else have we got to worry about?


thEdhaRRa nyAnath thiruvAimozhippillai seerarulAl
yEdhathai mARRum ethirAsar than abhimAnamennum
bogaththai yErip pavamAm puNaridhanaik kadandhu
kOdhaRRa mAdhavan pAdakkaraiyaik kuruguvanE

(This pAsuram continues from where we left previously.)

By meditating upon the scholarly and blemish-free Acharyan thiruvAimozhippillai, we become eligible for receiving favours from emperumAnar. It then becomes easy for us to cling on to the “boat” called emperumAnar to cross the sea of samsAra and reach the desirous holy feet of sriman nArayanA.

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