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Aarthi Prabandham – 19th to 22nd Pasurams

allum pagalum yAn Akkai vazhi uzhandru
sellumadhu un thesukkuth theengu andrO – nallOrgaL
tham thanayar neesarkku Atcheyyach sagippArO
enthai ethirAsA isai

Day in and day out, I keep gratifying myself with all the sensory pleasures that my body gets attracted to. Oh Ramanuja, will great men passively watch their children slide to disaster (when the latter perform forbidden activities)? As my father, won’t your name be tarnished as a result of my activities? Please answer me.

pOmvazhiyaith tharum ennum inbam ellam
pusiththu vazhipOi amudha virasai aRRil
nAm moozhgi manamaRRuth theLivisumbai
naNNi nalanthigazhmENi thannai peRRuth
thAm amarar vandhu edhir koNdu alangariththuch
saRkarippa mAmaNi maNdabathuch sendru
mAmalarAL kOn madiyil vaithu ugakkum
vAzhvu namakku ethirAsan aruLum vAzhvE

In this verse, Mamunigal explains the journey that the jivatma undertakes to reach paramapadham by explaining the pit stops it encounters enroute to Srivaikuntam. Having departed from a material body, the atma travels via the “archirathi” nerve (nadi) to reach Paramapadham. On its way, the soul takes a dip in the Viraja river to quench itself from the heat of samsara (dhabha trayam) and to wash off other impurities. The purity of the atma (i.e. its original nature) now shines through the “sattvic” body that it assumes for itself. As the atma leads its way to the palace of Vaikuntanatha where the Lord is seated along with His consort Mahalakshmi, it is welcomed by celestials who give it a divine decoration. Afterwards, the Lord, Sri Vaikuntanatha, accepts the atma, places it on His lap and gives it unparalleled, eternal bliss. Having explained the secret of everlasting happiness, Mamunigal concludes the verse by saying that Ramanuja alone is the means that can make us recipients of such eternal joy.

thirumalaiyAzhwAr thiruvAimozhippiLLai seeraruLAl
tharum madhi koNdavar thammai uthAragarAga eNNi
iru manamE! avarkkAi ethirAsar emai kaduga
paramapadam thanil yERRuvar enna bayam namakkE?

Oh my mind! Meditate upon the great teacher/deliverer Thiruvaimozhippillai (popularly known as “Sri Sailesar”), who, out of his unbridled grace, blessed us with the knowledge required to deliver us from samsara. By doing so, we can expect Ramanuja, who is like a father to my teacher Thiruvaimozhippillai, to recognize our devotion to our teacher and bless us with a place in paramapadham. In that case, what else have we got to worry about?

thEdhaRRa nyAnath thiruvAimozhippillai seeraruLAl
yEdhathai mARRum ethirAsar than abhimAnamennum
bogaththai yErip pavamAm puNaridhanaik kadandhu
kOdhaRRa mAdhavan pAdakkaraiyaik kuruguvanE

By meditating upon our teacher Thiruvaimozhippillai (who is an embodiment of spotless knowledge and possesses divine, auspicious qualities), we become eligible recipients to the grace of Ramanuja. It then becomes easy for us to cling on to the “boat” called Ramanuja, who overlooks our sins, removes our imperfections and thereby enables us to cross the ocean of nescience and achieve the highest wealth of a permanent place in the divine abode of Paramapadham.

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