Posted in Aarthi Prabandham, Manavala Mamunigal's Works

Aarthi Prabandham – 17th & 18th Pasurams

pollangu anaiththum podhindhu kondu nanmayil ondru
illA enakkum ethirAsA – nallArgaL
naNNum thirunAttai nAn tharuvEn endRa nee
thaNNendru irukkiRadhu endhAn?

Oh Ramanuja, like a metal plated with impurities, I (my body) have (has) assimilated bad (and forbidden habits). In spite of that, you had promised to lead me to paramapadham – a place where only highly evolved souls manage to reach. In this context, please explain your delay in coming to my rescue.

endru vidivadhu enakku endhAi ethirAsA!
endrum aRigindRilEn urayAi – kundrAmal
ippadiyE indha uyirkku endRum iruLE viLaikkum
ippavamAm neeNda iravu

My father Ramanuja! This indestructible atma, by virtue of being entrapped in the darkness of ignorance, suffers an everlasting night of samsara. When will your solar rays dispel this darkness of ignorance?

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