Posted in Aarthi Prabandham, Manavala Mamunigal's Works

Aarthi Prabandham – 15th & 16th Pasurams

emperumAnAr thiruvadigaLe saraNam
enbadhuvE nAvuraikkum iththalen? – anbavarpAl
ippOdhaLavum yAn ondrum kANgindrilEn
eppOdhu undAvadhu ini?

Though I keep verbally saying that I have surrendered to the lotus feet of Ramanuja all the time, I have not been able to actually develop deep devotion and love towards him. When will I be able to do it? Unless I develop such love and devotion, what good will admitting my servitude to Ramanuja bring to me?

AgAdadhu EthendRu aRindhum piRarkku uraiththum
AgAdhadhE seyvan AdhalAl – mOgAnthan
endru ninaiththu ennai igazhel ethirAsA
endru unnadi sErvan yAn

Oh Ramanuja, I keep advising others about the actions that are forbidden (according to the sastrams). However, I still continue to perform certain forbidden actions being fully aware of their consequences. Realising this, I request you not to desert me as an unsuitable candidate for receiving your blessings. Please let me know when will I give up this material world and attain your divine abode.

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