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Aarthi Prabandham – 13th & 14th Pasurams

ethirAsan vAzhi ethirAsan vAzhi
ethirAsan vAzhi endru Ethich sadhirAga
vAzhvArgaL thaaL inaikkeezh vAzhvArgal petriduvAr
AzhwArgaL thangaL aruL

There are people who lead their life, incessantly chanting “Long live Ramanuja”. Also, there are other people who lead their life serving the feet of such devotees who sing the praise of Ramanuja. These servants of the devotees Ramanuja will receive the blessings of the Azhwars.

adhikAramuNdEl arangar irangArO
adhikAram illAdhArkku andrO – ethirAsA
nee iranga vENduvadhu neeyum adhikArigaLukkE
irangil en seyvOm yAm

In order to access the grace of Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam, we need to sever all connections with this world and reach out to Him like Nammazhwar does in the 28th verse of Thiruvirutham (puNNanthuzhAmE poruneerth thiruvarangA). Oh Ramanuja! Aren’t you generous enough to grace even those who don’t fulfil such candidational qualifications? If you were to alter your stance and become rigid like Lord Ranganatha, where shall we go and what shall we do?

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