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Aarthi Prabandham – 11th & 12th Pasurams

unnaiyozhiya oru deivam maRRaRiyA
mannu pugazhsEr vaduganambi – thannilaiyai
en thanakku nee thandhu ethirAsA ennALum
un thanakkE AtkoL ugandhu

Oh Ramanuja! Didn’t Vaduga Nambi attain unparalleled fame for his devotion to you by believing in (only) you as the Supreme Lord? Please bless me with a devotion of that kind such that I can forever remain a servant to you.

Note: Vaduga Nambi was one of the renowned disciples of Ramanuja. He was considered an epitome of Guru Bhakthi. He believed in only one Supreme i.e. Ramanuja, even above Sri. Ranganatha. It requires sincere devotion and guru’s grace to attain this shade of Bhakti whereby Guru is considered the highest form of worship.

dEsam thigazhum thiruvAimozhipiLLai
mAsu il thirumalaiyAzhwAr ennai – nEsathAl
eppadiyE eNNi ninpAl sErthAr ethirAsA
appadiyE nee seidharuL

In this verse, Manavala Mamunigal eulogises his Acharyan Thiruvaimozhippillai (who is also referred to as Thirumalai Azhwar and whose fame spread in all directions) as an epitome of unadulterated purity. Out of his love for his disciple Mamunigal, Thiruvaimozhippillai performed pancha samskaram for him, formally instituted him into his Guru Paarampara and made him a “Ramanuja Dasan”. Through these verses, Mamunigal announces his servitude to Ramanuja and requests the king of hermits to similarly bless him with his abundant grace.

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