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Aarthi Prabandham – 9th & 10th Pasurams

koobathil veezhum kuzhaviyudan kudhithu av
vAbathai neekkum andha annaipOl – pAbathAl
yAn piRappEnElum ini enthai ethirAsan
thAn piRakkum ennai uyppadhA?

When a child falls into a well, the child’s mother too jumps into it to save the child. Like that child, I have also fallen into the dark, sullen well of Samsara which has forced me to take multiple births. Like the mother who jumps into the well to rescue her child, my father Ramanuja will take multiple births to liberate me from this worldly bondage.

poomagLkOn thennarangar poongazhaRkup pAdhugamAith
thAm magizhum selvach sadagopar – thEmalarththAtkE
Aendhu iniya pAdukamAm enthai irAmAnusanai
vAindhu enadhu nenjamE vAzha

Nammazhwar serves the Lotus feet of Periya Perumal, the divine consort of Sri Ranganachiyar (whose beauty has been likened to that of a lotus flower). Nammazhwar finds eternal bliss in staying at the Lord’s feet and engaging eternally in His service. Similarly, my father, Ramanuja, is eternally engaged in serving the feet of Sri Nammazhwar. Oh! My mind. Isn’t it necessary for us to be associated with Ramanuja and spend our life thinking about him and serving his feet?

Note: In the context of this verse, it may be worth referring to the translation of the first verse posted above which says that those who serve the feet of those who serve the feet of the Lord will be accorded a status equal to the celestials.

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