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Aarthi Prabandham – 7th & 8th Pasurams

annai kudineer arundhi mulaiyuN kuzhavi
thannudaiya nOyaith thavirALO? – EnnE!
yenakkA ethirAsA! ellA nee seidhAl
unakku adhu thAzhvO urai

Doesn’t the mother of a new-born admonish herself when her child picks up an infection? Doesn’t she take in water and the necessary medicines (before breastfeeding) to cure the baby’s infection? Oh Ramanuja, aren’t you like a mother to me? What harm will befall you if you take care of me like my mother would? Please explain.

Note: In this verse, Mamunigal wonders why Ramanuja has waited for a person of inferior intellect (like Mamunigal) to remind him of his motherly duty. Shouldn’t it have been the responsibility of Ramanuja himself to deliver his children from samsara without their calling out to him?

thankuzhavi vAn kiNatraich sArndhirukkak kaNdirundhAL
enbadhandrO annai pazhiyErkindrAL – nangu uNaril
ennAlE en nAsam mElum ethirAsA!
unnAlE Am uRavai Or

(If a child dies before it turns five, the child’s mother is accountable for not having attended to it properly according to the sastrams).

When a mother carelessly fails to notice her child crawl slowly towards a deep, sullen well and doesn’t come to its rescue in time, isn’t she culpable according to the sastrams? Similarly, when I am slowly descending down the bottomless pit of samsara as a result of my past actions, shouldn’t you Ramanuja, as my mother, come to my rescue?

Note: One must not misunderstand Mamunigal’s plea here. He is not holding Ramanuja (whom he regards as his mother) responsible for his suffering. On the other hand, he acknowledges that the suffering he is undergoing is due to his own deeds/misdeeds. Thus, Mamunigal’s plea in this verse should be construed as an earnest appeal to Ramanuja to bless him with the means for liberation.

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