Posted in Aarthi Prabandham, Manavala Mamunigal's Works

Aarthi Prabandham – 5th & 6th Pasurams

than pudhalvan koodAmal thAn pusikkum bOgathAl
inburumO? thanthai ethirAsa! – un pudhalvan
andrO yAn urayAi AdhalAl un bOgam
nandrO enai ozhitha nAL

Will a father be able to enjoy his material prosperity without his son partaking in the enjoyment? Oh Ramanuja, aren’t I your son? Is it fair on your part to enjoy the eternal bliss of paramapadham when I remain entrapped in this bondage of samsara? Please answer me!

vEmbu muRRak kaippumiguvadhu pOl vevvinaiyEn
theembu muRRum thegamuRRich sellungaal – AmparisAl
yErkavE sindhithu ethirAsA! ivvudalaith
theerkaveyAna vazhi sei

Like a neem tree which augments its bitterness with the passage of time, my body has been aggregating bad karma with time. Oh Ramanuja, have a look at my nature! Bless me with the means to sever the connection with this inferior, material body!

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